Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Switchable 1000 watt Bat Wing Light System Review

Another great model that allows you to grow with both MH and HPS as an option. Of course you would want Metal Halide. It comes ready with Ballast, Bulb, Cord, and Socket as well as an 18" bat wing reflector . While testing this we were pleased to find that mounting was a breeze. We had no trouble at all hanging this in our grow tent. I was also happy with the ballast as it is detachable and easy to handle. $219 for a system with $100 is a steal!

So How Did Our Plants Grow?

Very well, we seen a noticeable difference between this and our old 600w lighting system. System seems very cool for the wattage and we attached a PC fan to the end of the reflector for added cooling.

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