Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quad-Band Pro Hydroponics UFO LED 2

I have used LED grow lights in the past and have had excellent results and the technology keeps pumping them out. I am very excited to see that the research on LED lighting keeps providing new solutions to plant growers everywhere. This has the 4 colors to give plants exactly what they need. I experienced excellent results with just the tri-band myself. The tomatoes I grew ended up being very large and full with a lesser model of the same light. I would recommend these lights to anyone looking to garden indoors. The heat is almost unnoticable and requires no ballast whatsoever. The energy cost are extremely low! Here is a nice video describing the ways to use your own LED grow lights.

How to clone!

Cloning sounds like it may be something that's hard to do. It isn't! Just watch this video which quickly explains the basics that will allow you to clone your plants today! If you need that extra kick and are a big time gardener, then i recommend getting a nice tool such as the EZ-Clone 60!